Riverside Military Academy Achieves Campus-Wide Efficiency with Danfoss Controls

Privately-owned institutions in today’s economy examine every possible tactic to manage expenses. As a 100 percent tuition-funded preparatory school, Riverside Military Academy in Gainesville, Ga., is no exception. The school completed several energy-saving projects as a result of increased energy-consumption visibility provided by a Danfoss AK-SC 255 system controller.

— Monday, July 01, 2013 By Danfoss Solutions Magazine

Larry Robinson, facilities director at Riverside, explained, “During its most recent construction phase in 1998, the school was put on a campus loop. This meant we were locked into one master meter. With one meter, there was no way to monitor energy usage in individual buildings.”

The 206-acre campus, home to 460 cadets, includes dormitories, classrooms, a fine and performing arts center, dining hall, library, gymnasium, Olympic-sized swimming pool and lighted athletic fields, with annual utility bills approaching $1 million. As an institution focused on excellence, Riverside was determined to reduce what was the school’s second largest expenditure.

As the father of a school alumnus and an active member of Riverside’s Board of Visitors, Danfoss consultant Robert Eidson took a special interest in the school’s struggles with its utility costs, studying the situation and proposing the solution of a Danfoss system controller. Eidson was introduced to Robinson, and the two collaborated to identify where energy was being used and formulate a plan to reduce consumption. The installation of the Danfoss system controller was critical to their plan. And, although kilowatt usage rates steadily increased, Riverside’s energy costs did not, due to reduction in consumption.

Eidson explained, “By installing these components, Riverside now is able to monitor individual buildings from any computer. Because of this, when the academy goes through a variety of tasks such as light bulb change-out, adding variable speed drives or load shifting, they can view the direct results of our efforts though the Danfoss controller.”

“Ever since installing the Danfoss AK-SC 255 system controller, we’re able to monitor direct results of everything we do to conserve energy on campus,” added Robinson.


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