Our employees’ safety is our first priority

  • Employee safety is a key priority at Danfoss, and the Group is constantly focused on improving conditions with respect to occupational health and safety. For example, all employees and visitors to Danfoss Power Solutions’ factories are required to wear protective eyewear and footwear whenever they are in a production area. During 2014, similar rules are being applied throughout the rest of the Group.

    As part of the implementation of Danfoss’ sustainability strategy, reducing the number of accidents and improving occupational health and safety throughout the Group will be a special focus area in 2014.

    Danfoss’ total accident rate was 4.7 in 2013, versus 5.2 in 2012. In 2013, the accident rate among production staff was 8.1, compared with 9.2 in 2012. The rate for white-collar employees was 0.5, versus 1.5 the previous year. The accident rate is expressed as the number of accidents per one million hours worked.

    Danfoss recorded 172 accidents resulting in at least one day’s absence in 2013 (125 in the Climate & Energy segment and 47 in the Power Solutions segment). The injured employees were absent for a total of 3,039days, corresponding to an average absence of 17 days per accident. Around a quarter of the injured employees returned to work after more than 17 days’ absence.


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